Michael Lackwood 

Founding Principal & Chief Investment Officer

Our journey started 15 years ago with Michael Lackwood, working with well-known corporations such as Ameriprise, Merrill Lynch, and Oppenheimer. Michael built a career in the finance industry and a passion for helping others. This desire turned out a motivation to provide a solution for clients who are looking for trustworthy financial advisors. Today, when people ask: who is the best financial advisor near me, Spring Delta Asset Management comes to mind.

We are continually delivering innovative approaches to diversified financial services. From droplets and acorns, we have managed clients’ portfolios to streams and oak trees. Our focus on creating sustainable and secure futures for our customers and businesses drives us to confront our customers’ biggest financial challenges boldly.

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Vision, Mission & Values

Spring Delta Asset Management is a Wealth and Asset Management firm who works with Individuals and Corporations to help them achieve their current, intermediate and long-term financial goals. We use various strategies, programs and technology tools to incorporate active portfolio management, tracking institutional money flow and successfully tracking income/expense cash flow to capture spending advantages and disadvantages.

Transparency. Through open communication, Spring Delta Asset Management fosters a collaborative environment between clients and our advisors.

Integrity.  Following the law, regulations, and ethical principles, we work honestly, make decisions aligned with stakeholders’ interests, and follow the laws, regulations, and ethical principles.

Accountability. Our priority is implementing and achieving goals.  We emphasize personal responsibility at Spring Delta Asset Management by holding advisors accountable and by fostering individuals and clients own responsibility.  

Bringing back the human elements of finance

A little more about Michael…

Michael Lackwood is a businessman and investor who currently serves as the Founding Principal of Spring Delta Asset Management. He founded Spring Delta in 2018 to truly help clients by offering all the best strategies and technology without the bureaucracy of being with a wirehouse. 

Individuals, businesses, and institutions can take advantage of financial strategies tailored to their individual needs through Spring Delta.  Spring Delta strives to restore investors’ confidence in our economy. A full range of financial products is offered by Spring Delta Asset Management, an investment management company. 

Previously, Michael was an investment manager and financial advisor at Merrill Lynch, Oppenheimer, and Ameriprise.  

He is an active thought leader on mass incarceration, economic inclusion, racial justice and representation, and the use of purpose and profit for good. He has written for Entrepreneur and Inc.com.

A committed philanthropist, Michael currently serves as the treasurer for Brooklyn Emerging Leaders Academy Charter School high school for girls.