Investment Management

Your portfolio is the DNA to your wealth

Spring Delta Asset Management offers investment solutions that work simultaneously with your long-term goals for a truly holistic, financial planning led-wealth management service. Our firm takes the time to understand what you want your portfolio to achieve, tailoring our approach in-line with your objectives and risk profile.

How can Spring Delta advisors help you with Investment Management?

Spring Delta offers professional investment management through our portfolio experience and expertise. To do this, we take into consideration client’s risk tolerance, tax rate, and financial goals adjusted for inflation
You can expect consistent investment results. First, we assess risk tolerance through proper asset allocation. Then use a disciplined investment strategy, and a well-informed selection and research process. 
As a result, clients receive long-term capital appreciation. Achieved through exposure to domestic and international equities (stocks) and fixed income (bonds). We use Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). 
We operate as fiduciaries on a competitive fee-based structure.  Clients receive peace of mind knowing they are receiving recommendations that are in their best interest. There are no hidden conflicts from product recommendations. We make sure that all portfolios are invested logically and deliberately, helping you reach your financial goals.  
We maximize safety and transparency. All investments are held in separate accounts at one of the largest custodians in the United States.  Investments held in a separate custodian account enables liquidity, transparency, and client control.
We check current and recommended holdings. This can be anything from stocks, bonds, and cash to real estate, alternatives, and other investment vehicles. We use this information along with risk tolerance to determine our client’s asset allocation. For diversified investors (advised), this is an essential step to making their next investment decisions.   
A well-positioned strategy from an investment opportunity perspective is implemented. This strategy is not limited by style (value or growth), investment capitalization (small, mid, or large), or even classification of domestic or international market (emerging or developed). Rather, Spring Delta’s investment strategy allows the flexibility to seek out strong trends wherever they are. This can be within our universe of equities or fixed income for the benefit of our clients.


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How will the new administration affect my portfolio? What sectors are most likely to thrive?  How can I identify when it’s time to sell vs when I should invest?  If these are some of the questions you have been asking, then download our free guide today to get some answers.

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We use market research, trends, and market-leading technology solutions.
Also, we provide access to traditional securities. This includes equities, options, fixed income, and cash equivalents. Spring Delta uses an All-Cap strategy that trades equities and options. We combine many trading philosophies with:
  • Technical analysis,
  • Fundamental analysis, and
  • Macro-economic analysis
into every trade. Event-driven strategies are positioned ahead of the news and directional and volatility-based trading strategies.
We track large institutional trades in the options market. This allows us to see where smart money is. Also, we incorporate other techniques to select high probability trades with positive reward/risk ratios.
Our options activity combined with years of experience in technical and fundamental analysis gives Spring Delta a competitive advantage. We find explosive trading opportunities that cannot be found elsewhere. This strategy is flexible, and the exposures vary depending on the opportunity. We are active investors. We examine a defined set of risk parameters, diversification among individual securities and ETFs.