Investment & Asset Management | Spring Delta Asset Management
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Investment & Asset Management

Spring Delta Asset Management provides active asset management for institutional, wholesale, and retail clients in North America, Continental Europe, and Asia. As your portfolio manager, Spring Delta Asset Management will handle your investment management.

Investment Advisory Firm - Meeting your goals

We pride ourselves in utilizing market research and trends as well as market-leading technology solutions to help us manage our client’s investment portfolios.

We provide access to all traditional financial services including equities, options, fixed income and cash equivalents.

Spring Delta uses an All Cap Strategy that trades equities and options combining many trading philosophies with technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and macro- economic analysis into every trade often utilize event-driven strategies to position ahead of the news, both directional and volatility based trading strategies.

Our Strategy


We track large institutional trades in the options market which allows us to see where the smart money is positioned, and incorporate other techniques to select high probability trades with positive reward/risk ratios.

Our ability to combine options activity with years of experience in technical and fundamental analysis gives Spring Delta a competitive advantage to find explosive trading opportunities that cannot be found elsewhere.

The strategy is flexible and the exposures vary depending on the opportunity.

We are active investors, constantly examining a defined set of risk parameters namely, diversification among individual securities and ETFs.

  • Financial Risk Management
  • Spring Delta Asset Management specializes in developing timely tactical investment strategies incorporating various hedging techniques that can optimize a portfolio for the given risk tolerance.

    Even for the most seasoned investor, with so many options and information accessible, it is not very easy making the right decisions regarding your portfolio.

    At Spring Delta Asset Management, we pride ourselves in- helping clients quantify their risks,- understanding the available financial risk management tools, and- assessing investment combinations that are appropriate for circumstances, risk tolerance, and core investment beliefs.

  • Investment Strategy
  • Given the challenges facing investors, we believe in the importance on being clear about your overall investment vision.

    Spring Delta Asset Management has wide-ranging experience helping both retail and institutional investors to comprehend and articulate their investment choices and the implications of those decisions.

    It is our role to guide clients as they turn their core investment ideas into their ultimate investment strategy, strategic asset allocation, and investment mandates.

    We also review your current portfolio to ensure your investments are consistent with your investment goals and beliefs.

  • Independence
  • As independent advisors, Spring Delta Asset Management is not limited by any proprietary, off-the-shelf products.

    Our independence lets us focus on providing unbiased recommendations based on your need.

Take a break from the hustle and bustle, and contact one of our advisors to review your investment portfolio today.